643PE Policies and Rules

Game Balls

Each team is required to supply TWO NFHS Certified Baseballs at the start of each game. 

Rain-Out Policy

In the event of a rain out, Field crews will do everything, within reason, to complete each game and tournament to the best of their ability with out risking the safety of anyone involved (players, coaches, fans, crews). There are also a few rules to abide by:

  • No Games Played - In the event that an entire tournament is canceled due to inclement weather, a full refund minus $50 administration fee will be returned upon request

  • 1 or 2 Games Played - teams are eligible for refund of $100 per game not played (if a game is suspended it counts as a "game played")

  • 3 Games Played - no refund

  • It will take 10 working days to process any refunds

Tournament Format

  • Teams competing in tournaments 15U - 18U will be subject to a 7 inning or 2 hour time limit.

  • All tournaments are 4 game guarantee - Round Robin Format 

  • Run Rules:  15 runs after 3 innings of play  -  10 runs after 4 innings of play  -  8 runs after 5 innings of play.

  • High School Federation Rules 

  • Coaches will be subject to a coin flip prior to the start of each game to determine who is Home/Visitor.

  • Teams will be allowed to use a DH and/or an EH and/or bat the entire lineup during any given game.

  • Please clean up dugouts after each game


  • Unless otherwise noted by a Tournament Director, no infield practice will be allowed prior to the start of any game.

  • Teams will be permitted to take ground/fly balls down the outfield lines prior to the start of their game

Ejection Policy

Any coach, player, or spectator if ejected from game must vacate entire premises of game location, including parking lots.

Drop Out Policy

**Teams having completed registration payment are expected to attend that event. Teams withdrawing 30 days in advance will receive a full refund (minus $50) for administration fee. Teams withdrawing within 29 days of the tournament will forfeit all registration fees, unless that position can be filled before the schedule is released. We do not expect or want to keep any registration fees for teams that are not participating in the event but if timing becomes an issue we may have no choice.